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body structure

Posted in chaos, nonsense rules by kunstsoldaat on April 1, 2010
  • body is art.
  • art is structure.
  • body is structure.
  • pepsi sucks.

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these bloomin flowers

Posted in nonsense rules by kunstsoldaat on March 27, 2010

well yes, the spring is in the air. some may jump from joy because of it. i don’t know, never was so much impressed with it all. winter’s more my cup of tea but spring’s not bad either. from our barracks there’s this view on this meadow. down there in them woods somewhere these damn nazis are lurking and sneaking but the meadow’s kind of cool with all this crocuses. opened up my feminine side and made a few shots. looks pretty neat. mind you, there are some mines in the middle of all this color but that’s life – beauty never comes for free. enjoy, if you will.

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killing rabbits is such fun!!!

Posted in nonsense rules by kunstsoldaat on March 24, 2010

Animated Rabbits           free animations   Animated Rabbits

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tough night fighting

Posted in Uncategorized by kunstsoldaat on March 16, 2010

tough night really. we were fighting these bloody fascists that keep on coming in through the Sector B, North Section. i was kind of lucky.
kept watch until 2 in the morning.
freezing my ass off. thinking of mum and dad, somewhere down there in the valley, in the shelters. kind of depressing.

trying not to think about it all. war’s shit, I know.
after a while there came captain roy. bull’s face, a real motherfucker.
we were smoking cigarets, silent was the night ha ha.
then fire started, just like that. all of the sudden.
heard screaming from the side of the forest. it was pretty ugly there.
morning came, 3 of our guys were killed.
ed lost. hope wolves found him. better wolves then bloody fascists.
drill starts….I’ll write more later on.
life sucks, that’s for sure.